Faith is spirit and dream, the promise of distant vistas and wishes for what could be. It is the broken promise of divinity, and the realization of angels. Faith is artistry and music for the love of the expression, found the rapture of a glorious choir and the quivering of a violin string.

Faith governs inspiration and dream, from the sonorous voice of muses to the rallying speech of a general.


  • Minor Opposition
    • Entropy- Entropy is change and the promise of death, and Faith is fluid and eternal
    • Primeval- Primeval is the chaotic source, a promise of life; Faith is fluid and fleeting
  • Major Opposition
    • Flesh- Faith lives in the Flesh, and creates madness and insanity
    • Industry- Faith dissolves when codified, belched as smoke from the Machine

Basic System

Faith, in its natural state, is added to rolls involving art or inspiration. Everything from duplicating a sculpture to giving a speech to stir the soul is considered fair game.


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