In A Nutshell

Facets are what Incarna call the disparate quasi-organized realms of paradox that they can manipulate. In a sense, they are the “colors” that are revealed when the light of reality refracts through the fissures that the Incarna represent. Every Incarna begins its “new” existence with equal potential in all of the Facets, and only by favoring one over another do they begin to shift that balance.

For every action an Incarna performs, their Facets involve themselves on some level. As the Incarna becomes more skilled in a Facet’s use, these changes become more fantastic and extraordinary, becoming closer and closer to what outward observers would call Magic.

The Scale of Facets

All Facets begin at d4, and increase from there. Each increment changes what an Incarna can do, either knowingly or not.

General: Coincidental Effects
Entropy: Finding bus fare in your pocket; getting a better than usual hand at cards
Essence: Increased energy resistance; instinctively finding bad wiring or bulbs
Flesh: Guessing what someone desires right now; finding the easiest path to decadence
Industry: Having the tool you need right now; finding what’s wrong with a machine
Primeval: Knowing which way they went; instinctively knowing where to land a punch



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