Character Development


Development is a system that focuses on Character actions and decisions for Advancement rather than Player tailoring. As the Character plays, they earn Development in each Drive and Discipline, as well as in Facets, which advance the attached Traits.

Earning Development

When a player creates a Dice Pool, they create a visual difference between Dice rolled for their Drive, and their Disciplines and Distinctions. When using Facets, these are also given a visual cue. Each of these Dice that land on the highest possible value earns the Character one Development in the appropriate Trait.

Using Development

Every 10 points in a Trait, the Character immediately advances the Trait. This occurs in one of two ways: either a single-step increase of Die Type, or a single-step increase of Die Count. This is entirely Player chosen, within some constraints.

For Disciplines, the Player may also choose to take a Distinction instead of an increase of Die Type/Count, further expanding the versatility of their knowledge.

Special Rules

Dice Count Limitation: A Trait can have no more Dice in it than the Max Roll of the current Die Type. This means that a Character with a d4 Drive can have no more than 4 dice in it before they increase it to d6.

Burning Dice Types: When a Character Burns a Die Type that reduces it past the max Die Count, these dice are lost immediately, requiring them to be re-earned over time and Development.

Roleplaying Awards and Meta-Development

Narrators choosing to give Players a bit of advancement, either for longer than average downtimes or as a reward for excellent roleplaying, have a couple of options, any of which can be used.

Awarding Development: A Narrator can grant a Player an amount of Development to place where they like, usually no more than 5, usually as a Roleplay Award.

Training with Teammates: Given a reasonable amount of downtime, the Narrator can allow the Characters to pair up with other Characters. One takes the role of Trainer, and makes a roll of the appropriate Discipline. In this roll, only the highest Die counts, and is reduced by the Student’s current Die Type (4 for d4, 6 for d6). The remainder is the amount of Development the Character gets in that Discipline.

Independent Study: The Character rolls the Drive motivating their education, using the same rules as a Trainer, but only receive one Die. This is reduced by the Discipline’s current Die Type, with the remainder being Development added.


A Character who reaches Maximum Die Type and Die Count can choose to seek for that Trait to Ascend. This requires the Character to obtain 20 Development in the appropriate Trait, which they then spend to Ascend. Ascension raises the Die Type to d20, but resets the Die Count to 1. Increasing the Die Count on an Ascended Trait requires 20 Development per Die.

Character Development

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