Character Creation


Drives relate to a Character’s motivations, defining the Character by them and providing the basis for most Dice Pools. When a Player designs their Character, they decide what Drives are important to the Character, and assign their dice accordingly.

Characters begin with:

  • 2 Drive at 1d4
  • 2 Drives at 1d6
  • 1 Drives at 1d8

A Drive’s die type is suggestive to the character of the Character, a visual cue as to what motivates them. As a scale, the numbers mean:

  • D4: Completely disregarded, or virtually unimportant
    • This can be a lack of ability, such as mental disorder, or simply a habitual disregard
  • D6: Average level of interest
    • This Drive isn’t not important, just not a priority right now
  • D8: Driven
    • At this level, a person has the focus and will to push distractions aside easily
  • D10: Obsessive and Focused
    • This Character has little time in his or her life for distractions
  • D12: Overpowering, overwhelming, and all-encompassing
    • A person with d12 in a Drive has no purpose to their life but this motivation

Adjustment Option

A kind Narrator can, if it furthers the story or game, allow players to diminish Drives at Character Creation in order to advance others, allowing a range of [d4: 1 | d6: 4] to [d4: 4 | d12: 1] in the Drives, creating Characters ranging from Average Joe to Dangerously Obsessed.


Disciplines represent experience and ability, a kind of short hand that encompasses what other games call Skills with implied associations and broad view skill sets that better fit with the mechanical aesthetic of the game. All Disciplines default to d4.

At Character Creation, receive 3 Dice for each Drive above d4, of the Die Type of the Drive. This means that base Character Creation gives the player 6d6 and 3d8 to spend into their Disciplines. This also means that, if the Adjustment Option is being used, some Characters could have 12d6 to spend in Disciplines, or 3d12.

  • D4: Untrained or hobbyist
    • This Character is uninterested in the Discipline, or completely miseducated about it
  • D6: Apprentice/Student
    • This Character is barely trained but still largely untested
  • D8: Skilled/Journeyman
    • This Character has expanded on their training, and likely devoted several years to their ability
  • D10: Expert or Master
    • This Character has achieved enough understanding of their abilities they can train others competently
  • D12: World-Class
    • This Character has reached the pinnacle; Olympic Gold Medalist, Nobel Prize winner, or world renowned stenographer


Characters receive Distinctions to represent emphases in their Disciplines, usually one- or two-word descriptors placed on the Discipline representing where in the Discipline the Character focused. A Character can have as many Distinctions as they like in a single Discipline, or can even put Distinctions in Disciplines they did not raise.

A Character receives a number of Distinctions equal to the number of Dice received in their Discipline Phase. This means that a player who has focused their Character to a single d12 in Drives, and gets 3d12 in Disciplines, gets 3 Distinctions. A player who has spread themselves across 4d6 Drives gets 12d6 Disciplines, and so 12 Distinctions. Essentially, Characters who are focused are such to a degree of tunnel vision, while unfocused Characters are dilettantes flitting from one thing to another.

Character Creation

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