Immortal, In a Manner of Speaking

In another, wholly mortal, simply doing so across myriad skating shards of creation up and down the ages.

It is true, an Incarna can live forever in a single body, but doing so requires removing one’s self to the Immortal World and joining with that roiling mass, as it strips away who you are and leaves only the legend that your presence birthed into creation. Many can belong to a single legend, and there is no knowing if all of them are simply myriad reflections of the original, or if the mold was somehow not broken, simply revised for personal taste.

The Incarna are the mortals afflicted by the benevolent kiss of the Sundering. They are a paradox, and yet are lynchpins of reality around whom legends grow and breathe all while those whom they care for or who care for them slowly forget ever knowing them; ever having heard of them.

This is the final curse of the Incarna. Shape the world, shape all of creation, but no one will know. As you become more gifted in your curse, the you that is you is replaced in the minds of those whom you may know by the legend that you are becoming.

The Incarna do continue to need food and water, and sleep besides. They age, though that process slows as they become stronger in their power. So to, however, does their need for human contact, and mortal sustenance.

Of Art and Artifice

Through the ages, magic and myth has been something people claimed to see, but which no one can truly remember clearly (not until it becomes religion, by any measure). This art is the power of the Incarna. Their separation from the natural state of the universe allows them to manipulate, on a basic nature, the basic nature of the universe.

This power, however, channels through the Incarna’s Artifice. They are stronger for keeping it close, but safer for keeping it safe. It is symbolic, and yet physical, much like the Incarna themselves. Typically, it is an object of importance to one of its reflections, or Incarnations, that appears in each other iteration in some form or another.


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