Bound in Gilded Chains

The Power of the Incarna is intense, and unique, and extends not just to their own life, but to every life they have ever touched in any of their Incarnations throughout all of the coming and going of reality. It is the force of nature and willpower, and the weakness at the edges of creation that threaten to splinter and crack further.

In one life, one Incarnation, something was important. Perhaps a religious relic of a now-defunct god. Perhaps the ring bearing the wedding vows of a departed lover. Perhaps the sword that plunged into their stomach just as the universe cracked. Whatever it is, it is tied to the nature of the Incarna, and this is the Artifice.

When an Incarna bears its Artifice, the Facets it uses develop on a roll of max or minimum, allowing it to become better, faster. However, if someone gets control of an Artifice, they may wield that Incarna’s Facets if they know a way to manipulate the cracks. Most humans use “magic” and “esoteric rituals”, while other Incarna must find a way to bind the Artifice to themselves.

The Shape of the Artifice

Most often, the shape does not change from one Incarnation to the next. An amulet is an amulet is an amulet. A sword is a sword is a sword. However, sometimes it does. A laptop is a thick and vast tome of the days’ lore is a cybernetic pda with augmented reality.

The Artifice is something the person could hold in their day, without drawing attention. Assumption is Earth normal (though this is considered, by some Incarna, to be a prejudiced view of history, given all the information available to them), and so a cell phone is unlikely to be in Victorian England. It is something comparable, as defined by the view the Incarna has of it. It could be a whistle, or a set of sketching charcoals that never seems to run out.


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